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Elefanti in fuga

Elephants Escape

Theatre Show

Director: Roberto Piana

Script: Paola Mastrocola

Animations and Scenic Design: Andrea Aste

Producer: Teatro Regio of Turin, Italy, 2018

Elefanti in Fuga is a young adults show based on The Carnivals of the Animals, a famous music suite by Camille de Saint Saëns. It narrates the story of a tribe of elephants that, escaping from the destruction of their own land, is looking for a new place to live in. During they journey they have to face with different difficulties in order to survive and save their own identity and culture. The show is a delicate mise en scene of the dramatic reality of model migrations.

I designed the projected scenery: animations and illustrations/art.

It was interesting to create a children/young adults show with such an important and delicate subject. I enjoyed to create this a fairy tale world characterised by magical landscapes inhabited by funny characters. The show had such a success that Voglino Editrice decided to adapt it into a children book (click here to discover more).

Technique: stop motion animations. Illustrations: pencil, inks and watercolour on paper and digital painting.

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