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"The world was to me a secret which I desired to divine."
Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

Andrea Aste

Multimedia Artist

Illustrator & Animator


Secret Location, UK

Andrea Aste is a multimedia visionary artist and animator, published author and illustrator. His works have been exhibited worldwide in prestigious museums, including the Musée Grévin in Paris, Montreal and Geneva and the Natural Science Museum in Turin, art galleries such as the Guildhall Gallery, London, and at acclaimed art events like the Venice Biennale (2015).


In the world of Tarot and graphic novels, Aste is famous for his card decks and hybrid novels: The Book of Shadows: An Alchemist’s Story (2023), The Tarot of Light and Shadow (2020) and The Lost Code of Tarot (2017). He illustrated and authored Oracolarium (2020), the first oracle deck whose cards come to life with augmented reality animations when seen with a mobile app.


After his much-acclaimed work as set designer for the international stage performer Arturo Brachetti, Aste relocated his studio to the UK, further developing his unique techniques for live on-stage illustration and animation, including for the horror show Shiver (2021), in collaboration with Sinister Masterplan and performed at the Grant Museum of Zoology, London, and Hide (2023) presented at London’s prestigious Vault Festival.

Captivated by Creation: From Academia to Multimedia Alchemist

Ever since my unusual childhood, spent between Argentina and Italy, I have always been captivated by art, the distant past and the wonders of science. Growing up, I would imagine myself experimenting in a sort of alchemical laboratory attempting to solve the mysteries of the universe. With my very curious and inquisitive (nerdy) nature, I would spend hours pouring over dusty old art, science and history books. It was the chemistry of these things which led to studying Ancient Greek and Latin. I went on to receive a Master's in Philosophy of Language with, odd as it might seem, a specialisation in Computer Science. I pictured myself becoming like Victor Frankenstein screaming “It’s alive!” as I created the first artificial mind, a thinking android.


Destiny, however, had other plans. To fund my artistic dreams and Ph.D. aspirations, I entered the advertising world. There, I discovered the captivating power of visual storytelling and problem-solving. Being self-taught gave me freedom, allowing me to experiment and develop a unique style that resonated with clients. My focus shifted to crafting visually impactful campaigns, blending my academic background with advertising tools.


Encouraged by positive feedback, I took the leap and became a multimedia artist and freelance illustrator. With insatiable curiosity, I devoured New Media and animation, mastering tools and streamlining my workflow while maintaining high standards. Then, my "It's alive!" moment arrived. Years of diverse interests - alchemy, new technologies, ancient alphabets, natural science, steampunk - clicked into place like a puzzle.


My signature style emerged, seamlessly fusing past and present. I blended alchemy with AR, integrated ancient codes into modern designs, and wove science fiction into whimsical creations. This opened doors to unforeseen possibilities. Collaborations with museums and theatre productions followed, alongside exhibitions worldwide. I've designed interiors, launched successful Kickstarters, and even created an AR tarot deck - all while thriving as a freelancer.


Like a modern alchemist, I continue experimenting fuelled by passion and an insatiable urge to create, always seeking new collaborations and challenges. With every project, I push my boundaries. This is my journey - where art, science, and imagination merge in a vibrant laboratory of endless possibilities.

Some selected clients

US Games, Arte Brachetti, Watkins, Eddison Books, Rai Television, Teatro Regio Di Torino, Lavazza, Ferrero, Museo Regionale Scienze Naturali, Bohem Brewery, Lo Scarabeo, Voglino Editrice, Anchovy Press, 'O Magazine, City Of Cirie', Doctor Design, Italia Arte, Roda Group Dance, ReBox, Allianz Subalpina, Semigio', Mau (MUSEO Arte Urbana), Refood, Vittorio Rungo Studio, Fondazione Borgatti, Turin Winter Olimpics, Splash Sea School.

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