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The Tarot of Light and shadow

tarot deck

Tarot deck - marseille style

Illustrations: Andrea Aste

Authors: John Matthews, Andrea Aste

Publisher: Watkins, London, 2020

I developed this double deck tarot with John Matthews, a famous author and Tarot creator. John loves the Parallel World I created with the Book of Shadows and its Renaissance Steampunk background and I love his amazing games and books. It was a great desire for both of us to work together and, when finally the opportunity came, we jumped on it!

We decided to invent a new game to set in the Parallel World and The Tarot of Light and Shadow came to life.

This is the first time that two tarot decks have been designed specifically to work together! We set and tested the new rules, and the rest it is “just” hard work: 158 cards to conceptualise and draw!

We took inspiration from the most ancient tarot decks reinterpreting the Middle Ages symbols and imagery in a modern way to make the cards more accessible.

I used for the first time Procreate with a set of brushes I had devised: I wanted my digital illustrations to be indistinguishable from my inks on paper.

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