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5 Stars Restauran

interior design

-Interior design:
Murals, Floors decoration, Paintings

-Communication: Advertising
Business cards, Logo and Mascot

Menù, Coffee cups set, Bottle labels, Packagings

Client: Semigio’
Milan, Italy, 2009

The Mission

The owners wanted to create a place away from the usual locals, a place set apart where one could be at peace with the rest of the world, a small melting pot of art, food, friendliness and smiles of ease. To free ones flight of fancy. And so it happened -  because meetings are never random; at the entrance of Semigiò there is a sentence which reads: "La vita è l'arte dell’incontro”  (“life is the art of encounter”).

My Contribution

I was given full carte blanche for creating the interior of this upscale locale. I endeavoured to create an artistically sensorial atmosphere for a unique dining experience by integrating my art style into the interior design. It was an amazing experience; it was the first time I had the possibility interpret and personalise a space with my style!



-walls: special acrylic painting and resin
-floor: metal lettering placed on the floor and covered with a thick line of resin

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