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Anchovy verse

Collaborating with this small but vibrant publisher has been nothing short of exhilarating! Since its inception, I've been deeply involved with Anchovy, curating every book they've published, including covers, illustrations, and book design. Even the logo boasts my handiwork! Here's a selection of their finest works:

White Nights:Portraits of Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova: Captured by Poets and Artists

Charismatic, enigmatic, and endlessly fascinating: Russian poet Anna Akhmatova captivated not only readers but also renowned artists during her life. This collection by Steve Cranfield delves into her early years through portraits created by both men who loved her (Gumilyov, Nedobrovo, Modigliani, Anrep) and herself. Their artistic interpretations, alongside her poems, weave a tapestry of muse, lover, seer, and vamp, leaving the question: which, if any, was the real Akhmatova?

Cover, Illustrations, Book Design


Paperback and Hardcover

Pages 138

Format 139 x 215 mm

Release Date November 2023

ISBN 978-1739930141

Prospero's Cave: Recollections of Peter Forster

A memoir in verse by the author Steve Cranfield of his friendship with the late artist and wood engraver, Peter Forster. The book celebrates the life and work of a remarkable artist and person, including in his own words.

Cover & Book Design



Pages 52

Format 139 x 215 mm

Release Date November 2022

ISBN 978-1739930110

Keats's Anchovy

‘An anchovy a day keeps the doctor away’ – the startling recipe for health for an ailing John Keats in Rome in 1821. If they thought an anchovy could nourish a poet, why not the famished reader?


Open the tin with your key and savour these poems of love, art and politics. Dance with Sophia Loren, listen to the stories of people living with AIDS, discover the secrets of Picasso's prostate. Learn how not to tile a roof, but find the right way to ask a question of a baboon.


Cover, Illustrations, Book Design



Pages 110

Format 139 x 215 mm

Release Date September 2021

ISBN 978-1739930103

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