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Il presepe di Torino

The Nativity Scene of Turin

Children's Book

Illustrations and Book Design: Andrea Aste 

Author: Silvano Antonelli

Publisher: Voglino Editrice, Italy, 2020

I am very happy to had the opportunity to work with Silvano Antonelli (a famous Italian actor ad author of children theatre and tv shows) to give life to his poetic text with my illustrations and style.

It is a touching book teaching, in an intelligent and delicate way, important values: inclusivity, respect for cultural differences, love, freedom, to be oneself.

I used a vibrant palette to recreate surreal illustrations full of magic and unexpected elements. With the approval of the author, I created a set of quirky secondary characters popping here and there to create ironic situations and suggest connections between the stories: a baby alien, an unlucky black cat, the sleepy pigeon, the little inventor, etc…  

Technique: digital illustrations

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