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A Selected Showcase of My Most recent Works

Andrea Aste

Multimedia Illustrator & Animator

What I do

My experience spans various creative fields, including:


  • Children's book illustration

  • Animation for theatre shows, TV, advertising, and promotions

  • Game design, including computer, board and card games.


My work extends beyond traditional illustration by embracing interactive storytelling with cutting-edge technology:


  • I utilise Augmented Reality for creating animation for a more immersive viewing experience

  • Developed live animation techniques for captivating theatrical productions.

What I Am looking for

I'm driven to push my illustration career to the next level, partnering with a forward-thinking agency that shares my vision and connects me with imagination-igniting projects.

I've created numerous multimedia projects that have solidified my reputation and career. From games and books to multimedia exhibitions showcased at prestigious venues like the Venice Biennale, museums, and art galleries, I've made significant strides in the creative industry.

UK based

+44 (0)7305512666

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Mind The Kraken

-Children's book-

Blending travelogue mysteries with the cunning observations of a naturalist's diary, this anthology reimagines the classic format of medieval bestiaries in a series of short stories that vividly depict the most peculiar creatures from cultures worldwide.


  • Some of the creatures from Mind The Kraken are featured at Belcastel Castle (France), in an exhibition inspired by Medieval bestiaries.

  • I am currently developing an animation series featuring the curious creatures 'captured' in Mind the Kraken.

We even Trapped Water

-Short Animation Film-

Retracing the fragile beginnings of our history, "We Even Trapped Water" confronts us with the consequences of our imbalance with nature. It invites us to step back and imagine a better future where the precious harmony with the planet is rebalanced anew.