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oracle deck

Augmented Reality deck

Illustrations: Andrea Aste

Design: Andrea Aste

Authors: Andrea Aste, Neil Kelso

Publisher: Berith&Brimstone, London, 2020

Oracolarium is an intuitive oracle deck which connects the world of divination and story telling; it is the first game of this kind whose cards come to life when viewed through a smartphone thanks to Augmented Reality technology.

It was a great challenge, first, to create the rules of the game making everything working as we wanted and, second, to give the project the right graphic.

I mixed different techniques (photography with green screen, inks, gouache, digital illustration) drawing in a “modular way” to allow every illustration to be animated in stop motion.

The Box and the Booklet

Both come to life with AR animations and have a very special shape: a triangle, a reference to the traditional way of representing the divinity as an eye inscribed inside a triangle (Oracoalrium is an oracle deck, after all!). This create interesting challenging in the designing process, but I really love when I can explore uncharted lands!

The triangular pages are designed with different orientations of the text, in such a way that one has to playfully turn the book in order to read it.

We worked on this dream project for 5 years with countless hours of research, experimenting and testing and finally we launched Oracolarium on Kickstarter in January 2020, achieving full funding in just a few days!

Since launching it has been featured in several magazines and blogs:

“an impressive artistic achievement ... a mesmerising cinematic experience” by technology and futurism blog BoingBoing
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