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'O Magazine

Editorial, Animations

monthly magazine

Illustrations, Cover, Animations: Andrea Aste

Client: O Magazine, Italy, 2018

'O was an Italian culture & art monthly magazine. I was asked to develop an original look for the new magazine using my specific art style, helping it to come to life working from the first issue to its last (12 issues in total).

The magazine was very vibrant and open to experimenting, allowing me to propose ideas, new design and technologies, like a series of Augmented Reality animated covers and illustrated articles. 'O was the first Italian Magazine to have done it! I am very proud of this achievement; it created a real buzz, attracting new readers and setting a new way of interacting with the public.

Collaborating with ‘O was a very exciting experience allowing me to experiment and grow, using different skills as animator as well as illustrator, and every issue was dealing with different topics (science, history, politics, culture, etc…) that needed to be illustrated and animated… it was a dream!

For ‘O I created:
-the covers
-the illustrations for the opening of the major articles
-the illustrations accompanying the different articles and sections.
-the animated covers for the digital version of the Magazine
-Augmented Reality Animations

Every illustration is a mix of ink and acrylic colours on hand-crafted paper successively elaborated in photoshop and digital illustrations.

'O published my illustrated short stories; every month I wrote for the magazine a new adventure of Captain Aar Adesten, one of the main characters of the Parallel World I've created with The Book of Shadows multimedia project.

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