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Myddleton Road

a market street in London

Poster & Merchandising

Illustrations: Andrea Aste

Client: Myddleton rd, N22 London Association, London 2017

Myddleton Road was once the pride of Bowes Park, the buzzing centre of the community. After decades of decline, today it blossoms again, thanks to a campaign to rejuvenate the street.

I collaborate with the association that organises the street market, creating posters, mugs and tote bags inspired to the history of Myddleton Rd and its vibrant community. It was a great pleasure to explore the neighbourhood and talk with people living and working there, collecting their stories. I shot hundreds of photos of the victorian buildings and their shops, and then I elaborate all the images and the stories I gathered to create my illustrations.

Still today, someone recognises in my poster details of their stories, old pets and friends, former inhabitants of the houses…

Technique: digital illustrations

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