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Mind The Kraken

and other curious creatures

An illustrated book for kids of all ages

Illustrations and Book Design: Andrea Aste
Author: Andrea Aste 

Publisher: Andrea Aste Publishing

Embark on a captivating journey alongside Aar Adesten, a fictional eccentric Elizabethan explorer, as he navigates uncharted territories in pursuit of extraordinary mythological creatures. From the legendary Kraken to the haunting Harpies, from the endearing Jackalope to the enigmatic El Coco and the brilliantly kaleidoscopic Simurgh, readers are invited to plunge into a mesmerizing odyssey through the realms of human imagination and folklore.


Blending the mystery of a travelogue with the cunning observations of a naturalist's diary, this anthology weaves a tapestry of short stories that vividly depict most peculiar creatures. The tales are spun with a captivating and fresh narrative, accompanied by vibrant illustrations that brim with humour and life.

With its playful language and whimsically imaginative stories, this book is designed to captivate readers of all ages. Young minds will revel in fantastical characters and adventures filled with nonsensical situations, while older readers will delight in the nuanced wordplay and deeper layers of meaning.

  • Mind the Kraken stands as a testament to inclusivity, drawing together a pantheon of captivating mythological creatures from diverse cultures and epochs.

  • The book is enriched with a quirky dictionary of Adestian English; a collection of whimsical and quixotic words crafted by the author to foster irony, mystery, and playfulness that transcends the ordinary.


  • Reimagining the classic format of Middle Ages bestiaries, this book infuses humour and modernity, all anchored in meticulous historical and literary research.

Forward: John Matthews

Language English
86 pages | hardcover
Format 210x280mm
Release date: December 2023

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