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The lilliput tarot

rider waite tarot style

Magic in the Palm of your hand

Illustrations and Design: Andrea Aste
Author: Andrea Aste 

Publisher: Berith and Brimstone, London, 2021

The Lilliput Tarot is a universal deck of 78 cards, capturing the essence of the classic Rider Waite Smith tradition.


This charming and universal miniature Tarot Deck measures just 55 mm x 30 mm (approx 2” x 1"), and is housed in an elegant travel-sized matchbox style drawer-box.


The minimalist artwork style and the Lilliputian size makes it the perfect Tarot Deck to carry with you on your adventures. The titles on the cards are written in a special font designed to be particularly accessible to people who experience dyslexia. The distinctive black and white calligraphic illustrations immerse you directly into the archetypes of Tarot.


When I created the Lilliput Tarot, my vision was a deck that was incredibly easy to read, accessible at a glance, and small enough to be carried conveniently anywhere. I needed a deck that could handle complex spreads even in limited space. And so, the Lilliput Tarot was born!

78 Tarot Cards (RWS Tradition)
ISBN 978-1838316327

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