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The lantern Collection

Working with Tarot

Essays on Tarot Reversals, Directional Readings, Major Arcana Guidance Cards, and more

Illustrations and Book Design: Andrea Aste
Author: Andrea Aste. Neil Kelso 

Publisher: Berith and Brimstone, London, 2021

Described as "an explosion of confetti and fireworks in a book", this collection of thought-provoking and inspiring essays will help you to take your Tarot practice to the next level.

Explore Tarot Reversals, Directional Readings, and Major Arcana Guidance Cards, with Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso as they present tools, frameworks, and lessons from their combined 30+ years as professional Tarot readers, creators, and teachers.

Each essay provides you with a focussed set of techniques that will unlock greater clarity in your personal development. Throughout the book, care is taken to show how the toolkits can be tailored to integrate into your personal experience, culture, beliefs, and interests. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will find innovative and exciting approaches to try with your favorite Tarot cards.

The book covers several deep concepts that are rarely explored in Tarot or Mind, Body and Spirit teachings, and it includes some of the most sophisticated techniques ever published for dealing with reversals, giving directional readings, and working with the major arcana.

The font used in the book is specifically designed to be easy to read for people who experience dyslexia (10%-15% of the world's population).

Inclusive and applicable to all Tarot traditions (including the popular Rider Waite Smith and Marseilles), this collection features images of the universal deck The Lilliput Tarot. Immerse yourself in this enchanting world of beautiful and original black and white carvings and illustrations that bring the concepts to life with several worked examples.

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