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Theatre Show

LIve animations show

Script: Laura Sampson
Narrator: Laura Sampson
Live Animation: Andrea Aste
Music: Sam enthoven
Editing & Special Effects: Andrea Aste

Running Time 60’


In this deeply moving and heart-touching production, Laura Sampson takes audiences on a journey through her family's history, from her grandparents' departure from Trinidad and Tobago to settle in London, to her own childhood. It's a tale woven with broken dreams, unfulfilled promises, hope, and the harsh realities of discrimination, all presented with poetic elegance and delicacy that stirs the soul.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of global folklore and fairy tales, the show filters real historical events through the lens of storytelling, capturing the essence of emotions and experiences while infusing them with a gentle, surreal quality. It's a narrative that resonates deeply, balancing the weight of reality with a touch of magic.

My role in bringing this compelling story to life was to create visual elements that complemented its depth and emotion. We opted to utilize a technique I developed and perfected, allowing me to produce all the animations and illustrations in real-time during the performance, projected live onto the stage. It was an intense hour of non-stop scene changes, a demanding challenge that I embraced wholeheartedly.

The journey of bringing this show to fruition began with the support of Delicatessen Theatre in London and evolved over three years of nurturing and refinement. It's been a true adventure, one that I've cherished every step of the way.

Technique: live drawing and live animation performance

"I really adored the aesthetics of the live elements, as you watch the backdrop for Sampson be crafted stroke-by-stroke, with little onion-shaped domes quickly becoming a palace, or sweeping lines soon coming together to be a crossroads." Binge Fringe

Delicatessen theatre, London (2022)

London’ Vault Festival (2023)
Streatham Space Project, London (2023)

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