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A Restaurant with a View

interior design

-digital paintings
-wall stickers
-coffee cups

Client: Giglio
Turin, Italy, 2018

The Mission

To give Griglio a touch of magic with a limited interior design operation: I could not change the colours of the walls, furniture, lighting… yet the owner wanted something unique and special!

My Contribution

I developed the idea of a "restaurant with a view”; I created colourful scenes depicting the most important monuments of Turin, but with a twist. I represented the charm of this ancient city with a magic surrealist style, after all, Turin is a famously haunted city with many famous ghosts and legends… thus I decided to mix reality, fiction and history in my “portraits” of Turin, hiding here and there elements taken from its rich folklore.

To recreate the sense of magic I envisioned, I freed the paintings from their frames, making the art flow all around the walls as monochromatic wall stickers. The interaction between vibrant colours and art line give Griglio a unique visual style.

Technique: digital paintings: giclee prints and monochromatic line art stickers.

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