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Music Cd

Music Cd

Illustration, Design and Logo: Andrea Aste 

Client: Gli Archimedi, 2017

I was asked by the string trio Gli Archimedi to to help them to create their brand identity and to collaborate to the realisation of their first album. They had a concept in mind but not yet a name.

Thus after some ideas and exploration of different possibilities they choose Forvojagi, that in Esperanto means "to leave for a trip", a perfect title for a cover album where Gli Archimedi interpret songs that made the history of music with their amazing style.

Once we had the name, I started working on the graphic and design of the album, focusing on a specific idea: interpreting the trip as a voyage trough space and time, a sci-fi theme. Forvojagi was born!

I realised:
-logo and brand image
-illustration and design of music CD
-CD poster

Technique: inks on paper and digital illustrations

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