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Festival delle Storie

The Festival of the Stories

Posters, Editorial

Illustrations: Andrea Aste

Client: Festival Delle Storie, Italy, 2018

Il Festival delle Storie asked me to create a series of illustrations to promote their famous kermess. They saw my tarot cards and wanted a series of cards inspired by medicinal plants, the main theme of that edition.

They wanted to use the cards to introduce the different stories narrated by the famous writers, musicians and cultural figures participating at the festival. My task was to create allegoric illustrations of the selected plants, with their power, real or believed, and the myths and legends connected with them.

It was an interesting commission that required an interesting exploration into botanics, history and folklore. I really enjoyed it!

The card were used in the communication of the Festival: posters, invitations, advertising, social media, etc...

All illustrations are a mix of inks on paper, acrylic colours and digital painting.

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