A selection of painting from 2007 to 2011. I really enjoyed to give shape to my visions using oil colours mixed with a special melange of natural oils I invented to make them more brilliant.

After 2011 I have been focusing in creating multimedia projects, expanding the Parallel World I have gave shape with Torineide and The Book of Shadows, mixing art with animation, Augmented Reality, and the “forgery” of ancient documents and artifacts coming from the parallel dimension.

From my point of view art should be something to enjoy. It should aid people in forgetting their worries, showing the beautifulness of being in the here and now, the magic of being alive. I invite the viewer into my world like a guest into my home. I want them to be relaxed and comfortable. My paintings accomplish their purposes if when taken into a home or gallery, they create a sense of happiness and an appreciation.

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