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Allegro un po' troppo

theatre show

live action & animation

Director: Arturo Brachetti

Animations & Art: Andrea Aste

Music: Prokofiev

Turin 2013,

Italian tour from 2016 - still running

Arturo Brachetti’s Theater Show
with RAI National Symphony Orchestra

I was asked by the well known Italian artist and actor Arturo Brachetti to create a series of animations and illustrations to bring to life Prokofiev's classical Peter and the Wolf.

I was responsible for the realisation of:
-Animations & Art
-Video teasers for the show
-Main title for TV screening (RAI Television)
-Theatre poster
-Real-time live painting performance  
-Devising and performing the “homeless” character in the show


I really enjoyed studying the characters of Prokifief’s suite, illustrating and animating them. The animations were the most  interesting part; I had to create several shorts to screen in theatre during the performance, they have to be funny, with an unexpected twist, and, being the music played with a live orchestra, they have to be build with a specific music but not being dependent to it! what a task, I loved it.

The real challenging part was the painting live performance; in few minutes I had to draw and complete all the characters and scenes.

The performance was televised nationally by RAI TV in 2013. The Italian tour started in 2016. The show is still running.

Technique; stop motion animation, art: mix media, digital illustrations and markers on paper.

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