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Alien Poetry

Be ready to be adduced

Illustrated Poetry Book

Illustrations and Book Design: Andrea Aste
Author: Steve Cranfield 

Publisher: Anchovy Verse, London, 2023

"Have you ever wondered if aliens exist? Are they like humans?
Which living being on Earth do aliens most want to talk to?
How do they bring up kids? Do they pay taxes? Is there an alien religion?
What are Fermions, and why are they so vital to the universe?

Poet-translator Steve Cranfield and multi-media artist Andrea Aste have been authorised by the Alien Assembly to bring you the answers to these questions, and many more."

“Alien Poetry" was a blast to create! When Steve Cranfield approached me with his quirky and thought-provoking poems about aliens observing our world, I was instantly hooked. The dry humor had me grinning from page one.

The poems themselves are the voice of a mysterious alien race: they poke fun at our society's oddities and contradictions in a way that's both funny and insightful. To enhance the experience, I suggested Steve present himself as the translator of an alien text received telepathically.

This sparked the creation of a unique visual language: hundreds of glyphs inspired by the beauty and mystery of Maya symbols, with a hint of alien conspiracy theories woven in. These weren't just decorative elements; they served as the book's functional alien numeric system, cleverly marking page numbers. Even more intriguing, scattered throughout the poems were hidden messages written in this strange language, waiting to be deciphered by curious readers and the “reconstruction”of few of the alien tablet that were telepathically transmitted to the Poet (if you carefully observe them, you can see the connection between the glyphs and the poetry).

These glyphs weren't just aesthetic, though. They served as the book's very own alien numeric system, cleverly marking page numbers. And scattered throughout the poems, hidden messages emerged in this strange language, waiting to be deciphered by curious readers.

To launch the book, we went all in: webinars, bookstore events, even portraying ourselves as the alien "messengers."

For extra fun, I animated short videos and designed a "UFO: Unidentified Flying Odes" T-shirt. Let's just say, some people took the whole alien contact angle a bit too seriously, which added to the amusement!

Ultimately, "Alien Poetry" was a huge success and a whole lot of fun to create. Proof that sometimes, the best projects are the ones that let you embrace your inner goofball.

Language English
78 pages | Paperback
Release date May 2023

ISBN 1739930126

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