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The Book of Shadows

An Alchemist's Story

Multimedia Project

Illustrated book-graphic novel-book of magic

Tarot deck

Full feature film

The Book of Shadows: An Alchemist's Story is a unique multimedia project weaving together a graphic novel, a full feature film, and a deck of Tarot card into a captivating narrative. The project offers an immersive storytelling experience through an epic tale that transports the reader to a visionary parallel world.


A Narrator attempts to unveil the secrets hidden within the works of an obscure alchemist: a ciphered manuscript that no one can decode, and what may be the first tarot deck ever created. He becomes embroiled in a spiral of events that are increasingly inexplicable. Bit by bit, the Narrator's scientific truths and certitudes crumble, and reveal a dangerous reality in which nothing is what it seems and magic is a force to be reckoned with. With the help of a captivating Fortune Teller, the Narrator peers into a parallel dimension. Here the Alchemist, while fighting against the Darkness that threatens to consume his world, is thrust into a cosmic odyssey beyond space and time that will ultimately cast him into our planet. The fate of the two worlds is intertwined, and the Tarot will play a pivotal role in this epic battle.

Discover the film: click here

The Book of Shadows Trailer

The Kickstarter presentation video

The Book of Shadows: An Alchemist’s Story is an invitation to challenge our views and go beyond the horizon of what we think we know. By familiarising ourselves with magic and fantasy, we could reconnect with our inner child and remind ourselves of a simpler time when we approached the world with that child-like wide-eyed wonder, curiosity, spontaneity, playfulness and fearlessness. If we allow ourselves to become the alchemist of our own lives, perhaps we would never fear chasing our dreams nor allow society dictate them. We too, like the Alchemist, the main character of the story, can free ourselves to become.


Author and illustrations Andrea Aste
Essays J. Matthews, S. Graham, R. George
Language English
200 pages | hardcover
Format 240x160mm
ISBN 9781838316341


78 + 2 cards
Rider Waite Smith tradition
full colours
400gsm paper
120x66mm | tuck box


Director Andrea Aste
Voices Over I. Bell, A. Brachetti
Script & Animation Andrea Aste
Music Giorgio Boffa
Language English
Running Time 1h 25’

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