Illustrated Book

Illustrations: Andrea Aste

Author: Andrea Aste

Publisher: Regional Museum of Natural Science in Turin, Italy, 2011

Torineide. De Mirabile et Inaudita Exploratione
(Torineide. The Wonderful and Unusual Exploration)

Following the great success of the exhibition Torineide, the Natural Science Museum of Turin (Italy) decided to create this beautiful book collecting the short stories and the art I had created.

Taking inspiration from the details of the historical building of Turin and the book of the first adventurers coming from the New World, I created a parallel world seen through the eyes of Aar Adesten, a fictitious Elizabethan explorer. Thus, the city becomes an island to discover and map, inhabited by fantastic animals, insects and exotic plants whose features and characteristics are minutely describes by Adesten.

Creating this project was an amazing adventure that lead me to spend countless hours in the museum library, where I had free access to rare books and manuscripts from the Renaissance period to 1600. It was amazing to read them in their original language (old Latin) to collect information for my art work. The idea was to reinterpret the botanical and ethological descriptions of that period of time, when legend and science were still fused together, to create a fantastic world full of irony, fun and reference to our modern time.

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