The TapRoom

-Guidelines for the furniture

Client: Bohem Brewery
London,  2017

The Mission

While working on their beer labels (click here to see them), Bohem rented a little shop and wanted to transform it in a Tap Room. they wanted it to be a new point of reference for the local community, a place for sharing ideas in company of good friends and a super quality beer. When they asked me to help them in realising their dream, I was very excited: nothing was there, everything has to be created!

My contribution

The Tap Room is located in Myddleton, a vibrant and artistic Victorian shopping road in North London. I had the idea to reproduce the two sides of the road, capturing the life of the local community, with its buzz and noise and its characters. After having spent some time in exploring this amazing road, talking with people and collecting stories, I have elaborated all I experienced and inserted into the murals.

It was a great success. The tap Room became the hart of the community.

Technique: the murals where painted with a special varnish and brushes.

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