Ciriè Andata e Ritorno

(Ciriè Round Trip)

The Exhibition

Solo Exhibition
D’Oria Palace, Ciriè, Italy

A solo exhibition organised and commissioned by the City of Ciriè  to present the book “Ciriè Andata e Ritorno” (Ciriè Round Trip). The exhibition, held at the prestigious D’Oria Palace, consisted of my original watercolour illustrations of the book and a selection of my paintings.

Visitors were greeted by an installation I created as a metaphor for the city, 'Symphony for a City' (printing plates and oil colours on canvas). I donated the installation to the City of Ciriè and it is currently still on display at the City Hall even today.

The exhibition was the centre of the cultural life of the vibrant city, hosting poetry readings, little concertos, TV interviews, and book presentations.

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