O Magazine

Augmented Reality

Illustrations & Animations: Andrea Aste

Client: O Magazine, Italy, 2018

'O was an Italian culture & art monthly magazine. I was asked to develop an original look for the new magazine using my specific art style, helping it to come to life working from the first issue to its last (in the projects section I uploaded a selection of illustrations of every issue).

The magazine was very vibrant and open to experimenting, allowing me to propose ideas, new design and technologies, like a series of Augmented Reality animated covers and illustrated articles.

'O was the first Italian Magazine to have done it! I am very proud of this achievement; it created a real buzz, attracting new readers and setting a new way of interacting with the public.

Every month there was a series of animations to create about different topics, it was an incredibly stimulating job characterised by a very fast rhythm, last time changes and short time scheduling… Sometimes I had to deliver everything having few days for researching, conceptualising and realising the illustrations and animations. i liked this fast speed high energy work!

Technique: stop motion animations, art: pencils, inks, watercolours and computer graphic.

Here, a Selection of the AR animations I have created for ‘O Magazine.

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