Dance Performance

Choreography: Antonio Della Monica
Animations & Scene Design: Andrea Aste

Roda Group Dance
Italy, 2007

A contemporary dance performance where my art was projected in the physical space as scenery and also on the performers.

Responsible for the creation and realization of:

The show was inspired by the song Alfonsina y el mar by Violeta Parra. Antonio della Monica came one day in my studio to discuss the creation of Ballerà. I was listening that very song... he was mesmerized by it and the story of Alfonsina, an argentinian poet. Thus He decided to create Alfonsina first then Ballerrà. It was the beginning of our collaboration.

Here the few images I have of the show... it was the beginning of may artistic career, I didn't know it was to become my full time job and life :)

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